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Documents Required For Smooth TSC Pension Processing For Retired Teachers

Teachers Service Commission has revealed essentials list of documents that are required for pension of retired teachers to be processed seamlessly.

According to TSC guidelines, teachers who have attained 60 years exit service under compulsory retirement. A notice will be issued two years before the date of retirement.

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However, the Commission may issue a shorter retirement notice under special circumstances.

Here is a list of documents required for pension to be processed smoothly

  1. Dully filled Teachers Service Commission, TSC, clearance certificate.
  2. Two copies of bank plates both sides.
  3. Two copies of National Identity Card both sides.
  4. Dully completed option to commute pension form in duplicate.
  5. Dully completed lump sum payment form (Bank form).
  6. Two copies each of all promotion letters/certificate.
  7. The earliest copy of payslip showing Women’s and Children’s Pension Scheme (WPCS) deductions for all male teachers.
  8. Copies of marriage certificates/affidavits to confirm names for married teachers whose documents have different names.
  9. Teachers who served as Untrained Teachers to attach NSSF statement.
  10. Two copies of KRA pin certificate.

Proposed Contributory Pension Scheme

The government proposed a public servants superannuation scheme. This is a defined pension benefit scheme where both the employer and the employee contribute certain proportions towards pension benefits. It is mandatory for those joining service and those below 45 years. Those above 45 years can opt to join.

Benefits of the proposed contributory Pension scheme

  1. An employee can transfer pension benefit credits from a former employer to another with a similar Pension scheme.
  2. The scheme allows employees to access part of their benefits even before the mandatory retirement age.
  3. Teachers joining the scheme from non-contributory pension scheme will have their past benefits transferred to the new scheme.
  4. Widows and Children’s Pension Scheme (WCPS) and NSSF contribution will cease immediately an employee joins the scheme.
  5. Those who remain in the free Pension Act will be bound by the provision of the Pensions Act cap 189.

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