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Confusion as TSC and KNUT differ over Promotion of 30,000 teachers

TSC through head of corporate communications Kihunba Kamotho has released a press statement in a bid to disabuse the public of information reported by one of the leading daily pertaining promotion of 30,000 teachers.

This is what part of the press statement was saying “The attention of the Teacher Service Commission (TSC) is drawn to a lead story in today’s Daily Nation that 30,000 to get higher grades.”

Yesterday KNUT and TSC held a marathon meeting that lasted for six hours and later TSC released a statement that issues raised by KNUT were to be addressed fully through a five-day retreat that will commence on 30th September, 2018.

Which way for teachers?

Its turning out uglily that teachers cannot get information concerning their issues. What remains unanswered is whose interests are the unions serving? The Union met with teachers employer for six hours, but nothing worthwhile can be presented before the table.

The fact that TSC and KNUT have released two opposing statements it distinctly shows that the interest of teachers were not prioritized in yesterdays meeting. According to Daily Nation Mr. Session was reported to say that TSC also admitted that promotion of more than 30,000 teachers must be done and the scheme of service that were in place but replaced must be reinstated “. Why is TSC and KNUT releasing contradicting statements?

Here are key issues from press statement released by TSC on 24th August, 2018

  • There are no pending cases of promotion as all as all promotions are affected when due, and within a framework of 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed between KNUT and TSC.
  • During yesterday meeting between KNUT and TSC, there were no discussion of purported pending cases of promotion of 30,000 teachers. Its therefore misleading to teachers for anybody to appear to be committing TSC on promotion of teachers outside the CBA framework and existing policy. It only creates unnecessary anxiety and unwarranted expectations.
  • As communicated through the press statement released by TSC yesterday all the issues raised by KNUT on transfer, teacher appraisal program, and career progression will be discussed during a five-day meeting between TSC and KNUT from 30th September to 5th October.
  • In the mean time all TSC programs including teacher appraisal system popularly TPAD will continue to be in place.

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