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Best Long distance travelling buses in Kenya

Travelling can be a hell of experience characterised with tiresome and boredom if you find yourself in a wrong travelling bus. Nowadays with  committed companies that have heavily invested so as to ensure their customers get the best have given travelling a new experience.

In this article I have highlighted best long distances travelling buses that can give you a good experience as far as travelling is concerned;

1. The Guardian coach

The Guardian Coach Bus Service provides travelers with genuine comfort they deserve; from booking to when the passengers board the bus. Travelers need not to go all the way to booking offices.They can make a phone call and book.Payment after booking can be done via M-Pesa.

2.  The Coast Bus

The Coast Bus has the most comfortable buses on the kenyan roads with lots of legroom to ensure that you reach your destination fully relaxed.

Their buses are fitted with Air Conditioning, high speed internet connection via wifi and power outlets to charge your devices on the go.

3. Simba Coach

With its offices located along Kenyatta Avenue, it makes daily trips to the coast, malaba, kigali and even Kampala.

4. Mash Poa

Mash Poa buses are equipped with individual power outlets for every passenger. They also provide free, high speed wifi connectivity on all their buses, on all routes they cover.

Mash poa buses cover multiple routes and the widest connectivity in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.

5. Dreamline Express

Dream line Express buses are air conditioned, fitted with very comfortable seats, charging ports, hostesses to serve passengers and very adequate leg space. They cover the Nairobi, Mombasa and kisumu routes.

6. Crown Bus

Crown started it’s operations on August 11, 2006 putting the comfort of its passengers first. Crown Bus has automated all the offices to accomodate online booking and payments.

7. Tahmeed

Tahmeed buses operate the Nairobi-Mombasa, and Nairobi-Kisumu routes. It provides online services and passengers can book and pay online.

8. Modern Coast

Modern Coast Coaches Ltd is a luxury coach company incorporated on 2nd October 2007. It operates within Kenya and Uganda. Modern Coast Coaches is one of the most recognised luxury bus companies operating in the region.

9. Transline classic

Transline classic was established in 2005 and is currently operating with over 60 buses. They mainly make trips to Western Kenya.

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