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All is set as KNUT reveals top agendas for TSC-KNUT Five-day retreat at Naivasha

Teachers to switch full attention to Naivasha as the giant union KNUT is set to engage their employer TSC over pressing issues. The five-day retreat will start today and its meant to amicably bring long lasting solutions to current predicaments of teachers.

Knut has listed five key issues­–delocalisation, promotions, performance tools, career guidelines and stakeholder engagements– where amicable solutions must be derived to restore industrial harmony.

“We want to resolve these issues once and for all,” said Knut secretary general Wilson Sossion.

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Promotion, delocalisation and TPAD

Promotion of teachers with higher qualifications will be among the issue that will take the center stage of discussion. TSC code of conduct provides a clear framework through a teacher should be promoted, but tsc has opted to solely rely on TPAD rating in order promote teachers.

Its hope of every teacher that after retreat policies regarding their promotion will be revised and tsc to apply labour laws in the most fair and transparent manner.

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Another pressing issue that undoubtedly needs urgent review is delocalisation policy. TSC should consider age factor when transferring tutors. Transferring teachers who are about to retire is not only a psychological torture but also a professional crime.

Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is also among the issue that will be given priority in Naivasha retreat. The best and simple mode of appraising teachers should be devised. TPAD has been faulted because it entails a lot of writing and documentation.

With TPAD, a well documented teacher is far much safer than a productive teacher. This is should not be the case.

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Though the Union is deafeningly silent over the issue of AON-Minet medical cover, this is another serious scam that must be resolved with urgency. It should be understood that medical allowance of Ksh 4000 was scrapped off in order to pave way for AON medical cover.

Taking away of Whooping ksh 4000 from teachers’ salary at the expense of shoddy medical services should not be the case. AON must improve their services or return the medical allowance to teachers. After all, NHIF is more dependable than AON.

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