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6 professions in Kenya where the rate of cheating in marriage is high

In relationships people tend to cheat for different reasons, but what makes cheating to be rampant is a working environment. Work that involves alienating lovers for long, will prompt cheating.

1. Journalists

For many years journalists have been taken to be most respected people in the society. Nowadays, journalists have repeatedly portrayed the opposite. Radio presenters especially those who host shows late at night are likely to develop intimacy, because of that constant closeness. This makes journalism a profession where women are likely to cheat in a relationship.

2. Artists

One thing that slowly captures feelings of a woman is attention. A lady in showbiz will gradually fall for you, when she realizes that you’ve given her full attention. Another thing that makes lady artists vulnerably to infidelity is when they want favours like being hosted in shows. Pressure from promoters and show hosts puts artists at risk of cheating.

3. Air hostess

This job involves a lot of travelling, making one to be away from her lover for long. Research has shown that long distance increases cheating in relationships. As the woman is making numerous trips, she is also likely to meet someone who is better than  her lover and in turn tempted to cheat.

4. Waitress

Among the key things that hotel and club managers look for when employing a waitress is cuteness and a sassy figure. This will act as a way of encouraging more men who are financially stable to frequent the hotel or club. In most cases men will tend to go to a club depending the type of waitresses found there. Those women working there will ultimately be tempted to cheat especially when approached with financially well off men.

5. Teaching

Although there is a fallacy that teachers tend to make good wives, this don’t materialise in most cases. When teachers go for school trips and also national examination marking exercises, they stay away from their husbands for long. This breeds a conducive environment for one to cheat.

6.  A gym instructor or athlete

If your woman is more physically fit than you, she is likely to attract men. It should be known that no married woman can intentionally decide to cheat, her daily environment is likely to push her to cheating.

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