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20 Reasons Why KMTC Is The Best Medical College In Kenya

Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC, has in the recent past proven to be the health training college in Kenya. In this year KMTC emerged as the best tertiary College in Kenya according to Webometrics ranking.

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Here are some of the reasons why the college is the best:

  1. More Campuses

To deal with shortage of health workers in the country, and in line with the Government’s Universal Health Coverage (UHC) goals, the College has established Campuses spread in 43 of the 47 counties in the country. This expansion has ensured we are on the right path towards bridging the Human Resource for Health gaps as a contribution to achieving UHC goals by 2022 as envisioned by the Government.

  1. Even National distribution of Campuses

The national distribution of the College is the biggest uniqueness, increasing access and equity in middle-level medical training. With 72 Campuses spread in 43 of the 47 counties in the country, endowed with resources and rich heritage, the College plays a key role in supporting the Government to achieve the UHC agenda and Kenya’s Vision 2030.

  1. Student population

KMTC student population was 22,000 in 2013 and 23,000 in 2014. The population rose to an impressive figure of 33,000 as of March 2017 thanks to the expansion programme.

To ensure equity in access to training opportunities, the College established admission desks in all Campuses to support admissions at the local community level. As a result, the student population currently stands at about 52,286, as of February 2022.

  1. Graduation trends

Since its inception, KMTC graduations have remained consistently on an upward trend.

The College released 7,501 graduates to the job market during the 2015 graduation ceremony with the number going up to 8,042 in 2016. In 2017 the number increased to 8,967 while in 2018 10,869 students graduated from the College. In 2019, 12,621graduates were released to the job market.  In 2020, the number of Graduands went down to 4,114 due to the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. In 2021 the number went up once again with 12,660 graduates released into the health sector. KMTC continues to produce graduates to bridge the Human Resource for Health gaps in the country as well as support the achievement of the country’s Vision 2030.

  1. Programme accreditation

KMTC programmes are approved and accredited by the relevant regulatory and accreditation bodies.

  1. Courses and Curricula

In line with the health objectives of Universal Health Coverage, Vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, the College has introduced new courses which are market-driven, as well as developed, reviewed and implemented curricula in line with emerging health trends.  KMTC training curriculum is reviewed after every three years to ensure  it is in tandem with emerging trends.

To address emerging and emerging diseases, the College offers short courses to enable practitioners to meet Continual Professional Development and remain relevant in the health profession.

The training curricula across Campuses is unified ensuring our graduands are all qualified and ready to serve.

  1. Academic resources

The College has fully equipped its teaching and physical facilities to ensure students have a conducive learning environment. All campuses have Wi-Fi internet connections and enjoy a wide range of digital diversity.

  1. Proximity to heath facilities

KMTC training programmes are skills-oriented and as such our Campuses are located adjacent to health facilities where students undertake clinical practice.

  1. International Recognition

KMTC is ISO 9001: 2015 certified, giving our graduands international recognition, and enabling them to  work in any part of the world.

  1. Quality Assurance

KMTC has put in place policy frameworks as well as stringent mechanisms, and carries out annual audits to monitor and continually improve excellence in teaching and learning. The College has strengthened its quality management systems, adopted world-class academic practices, harmonized academic programmes and examination procedures across Campuses to ensure uniformity, quality and efficiency in training is met. Our students complete their courses as scheduled.

  1. Marketable Courses

KMTC remains the lead-trainer in the medical field producing over 85% of middle-level health professionals for the local health sector. In any health facility you go to in Kenya and even internationally, you will not miss finding a KMTC graduate or trainee. KMTC graduates are highly sought after and work in far off countries in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, other Western Countries, the Middle East and Africa, among others.

  1. Efficiency driven systems

The College rolled out the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which has enhanced efficiency and effectiveness as well as automation of services.

  1. E-learning

The College has leveraged the use of the E-learning platform, built the capacity of faculty and students on the use of E-learning tools and is providing continuous learners and content generation support, to ensure students cover their course content, take exams and graduate as scheduled.

  1. Our assurance through the online application system

In keeping abreast with the uptake of ICT and evolving technology, all applications are done online. The student portal on the KMTC website www.kmtc.ac.ke contains guidelines on the application process.

  1. Re-categorization

The College was re-categorized from PC 2 to PC 4A level in State Corporations ranking, and as such our mandate was expanded to include that of research in addition to training and consultancy.

  1. Research and development

The College undertakes research with several studies having been funded, conducted, published in peer-reviewed journals and presented in various conferences, to contribute to a knowledge-based economy, inform policy directions as well as enhance teaching and learning.

  1. Ethical professionalism

KMTC has inculcated ethics in all our training, and our graduands subscribe to an oath to uphold professionalism in the health practice. After training, our students are subjected to examinations by statutory bodies, and all of them qualify, and are certified health practitioners.

  1. Financial Aid

KMTC students can receive financial aid from the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), National Government Constituency Development Funds (NG-CDFs), County Governments and other development partners.

  1. Convenient Fees Payment Mode

KMTC has a flexible fees payment mode and allows instalment plans.

  1. Partnerships

KMTC partners with health facilities, research institutions, universities, development partners and forges industry-academia linkages in support of teaching and learning.

The College has also collaborated with County Governments, National Government Constituency Development Fund (s) and other partners, through which the KMTC has recorded growth in the land, infrastructure, equipment and secondment of staff, in support of teaching and training.

  1. Transport system

The College owns a fleet of buses, double cabins, and land cruisers to ease mobility of students and faculty to clinical practice sites, rural experience areas and extra-curricular activities trips.

  1. Accommodation

The College offers students optional accommodation on a first-come, first-served basis.

  1. Security

The College provides 24-hour security surveillance and patrols in its Campuses and surrounding environment to ensure the safety of students, faculty and staff.

  1. Sports, recreation and Clubs

.Campuses have a wide range of sports and recreational facilities as well as clubs and societies which promote multicultural diversity.

  1. CSR

KMTC is a socially responsible institution and carries out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in an effort to give back to the community.

The College adds value to communities within our operations by ensuring that 30% of the residents who meet admission requirements benefit from admission slots in our Campuses. The College offers free medical services, promotes environmental sustainability, works closely with the community to socially uplift the less privileged, as well as offers emergency disaster response, to benefiting those residing in regions of our operations.


The College invites applications for admission into Certificate, Diploma, Higher Diploma Courses or short courses.  All applications are made ONLINE following guidelines outlined on the KMTC website (www.kmtc.ac.ke). For further assistance with the application process please call +254 723 004 569, +254 723 004 516 OR email to (admissions@kmtc.ac.ke) or visit any KMTC Campus near you. Applications are ongoing and continuous.

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